Some random Hooker Street Images

I can see! I can see! Thank you lord....I see the light.

Block Party 2001

The Martha's Vineyard trip in the summer of 2001.

Keith and Ryan showing a little love.

Tyler Ladinsky at the Hooker Street Bar this past spring 2002.

Model Christmas 1999. The best Model gig ever. Do you see the smile on Bobs face!

Halloween party 2002. Chinatown anybody?

The crazy man in a van terrorizing tourists in Oak Bluff's, MA. Summer 1999 I had to go to court for that!

More Hallowen party 2002.

Ken Clark and Mike Mele jamming at Halloween 2002.

Keith and Dave upstairs at the House of Blues, Cambridge.

Jamming on Descarga. A tune I wrote for Barnstorm's last gig at the Common Ground 2002.

Ohh my good. Does anybpdy remember these guys?

WEED, growing strong all summer long. Summer 1999, The Rock.

Jamming out with the boys. 4th of July Party in Londonderry, NH.

Barnstorm, House of Blues, Summer 2001. Man you guys sweat alot, huh?

Up in the Green Room with Barnstorm at the House of Blues, Cambridge.

The original mayors on TV playing at Fenway Park, 1999.

My brother Ty putting down a Le Boss(Canadian 40) in San Onofre State Park, California

A picutre of Ryan's mom grazing in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

No wonder Ryan turned out the way he did...look at his Mom!!